So here is how it works...  WE can raise money for you just by having supporters eat out!   WE can apply it to eat in, take out, call for delivery, anything... we just determine a method of assignment and we will give 10% of the food bill (food items) back to your organization.  This could be a discount code, or a school ID, or employee identification for any club or workplace or church.  We audit weekly sales and send checks weekly just as we do our artisans. 
So if you came for coffee and desert one day with your friends and the bill was $50, we would send a check for $5 to your organization; and we would do this for each and every ticket.  There would be no limit, no special time frame, no blackout and it would apply to every regular menu selection.  
Each promotion would be different and custom tailored to meet your needs.  Whether it is a catered event, focused on a particular day and time, or if you would want to apply your fundraiser over an extended period of time; we can do it however works for your organization.  
Church's call the fundraiser  'Dining For Tithing'.  It has been a hit.  Folks put money in the offering plate just by going out to eat!
Sports Groups and Schools can come up with their own catchy phrase.  WE can promote it on our website and Facebook page, as well as assign online discount codes that can be used for checkout on our site, or in person at the restaurant.
  • Scouts
  • Sports Teams
  • Church
  • Private Clubs
  • Schools & Departments
  • Small Groups
  • Large Corporations

Give back to yourselves just by doing what we all have to do!  EAT UP!!

WE can also apply this to large caterings and special events.  


Inquire With Us before we book up.